Your First Time in the Prostitution?

You have wondered about your First Time in Prostitution?

Let's make no mistake here - prostitution is selling your body for sex in exchange for money. There's a big difference into being a "virtual prostitutie" vs a "real prostitute" and some believe that integrity of a women who sells her time and / or body for money would be for sale. Always remember that prostitution is a personal choice, wether it's to make money or to enjoy life in a more open & adventurous way if your casually dating, as long as you stand in this business on your own 2 feet and capable of making your own choices, you should be good. There is alot of misunderstanding in our business and hopefully we can enlighten certain aspects of it.

Depending on country prostitution can be legal or illegal - it just depends on which country, state or area you are resident in. For countries where it is not allowed it's punishable by law or sold in a different way that it's more like disguised. Many countries like the US often perform "prostitution stings" in order to discover and take down illegal activity. Other countries in the world such as Germany, Holland, Belgium do have a legal system and do allow for legal prostitution. This means that's it's a by law accepted "profession" where you can even open up a bank account, obtain a mortgage to buy a house and much more. There's also legal protection by for example police.

If your considering a legal step into the business you have to make sure it complies by law. Going against the law is'nt going to work on the longer run for you. You might come off now or for some time but sooner or later it will work against you. This is not a desirable option as it can ruin quite some time, money or effort invested into it. We would like to make it very clear that we only go by law, not against it. And for girls who want to be active in this business to stick to the law for the best long run experience. It can be fun, thrilling & makes alot of money. The experience cannot be obtained by books or internet websites. You'll build a strong intuition and learn to read people.

Prostitution is Legal in Some Countries

As written, in various countries in the world prostitution can be legal or illegal, you have to read up on it before you even consider or start doing so. It might be OK if your free to move for a while to a different state, continent or area where it is allowed if we're talking about legal & physical prostitution. Other jobs such as online webcam modelling, only fans or even being a phone operator is a job that could be practiced perfectly from home where there's no interaction with you and / or clients. It woud'nt even be prostitution if this is the case. There's a good requirement of loyal or trustworthy phone operator(s) who provide jobs for girls & bookings for clients.

We also highlight what it takes to raise or start a business of your own, the costs and what to look out for. We have experience for more then 15 years and would like to attract the right entrepreneurs who would like to move forward just as we do. We can provide you with high quality websites, marketing, SEO or even legal girls on a steady basis. If your curious to know more about it read up on our website to get a bit of information and legal ways to get it started. Also if you have questions you are always welcome to ask us - we will try to help you as accurate as possible. We are a non-goverment identity but one with a true & genuine heart in the business.

We truely dislike any illegal form of activity within this business. Wether that's feeding financially from girls up to serious exploitation this is a no go. We firmly believe that a quality or good time "companionship" is quite more relevant then trying to turn large masses of volume at the cost of mental or physical condition. We've seen this quite enough in various aspects of the business in general and it's time to start raising the bars on the oldest profession in the world. We also provide you information on how to report illegal actiity or people with bad intentions. We're not out for again bad news about our business, but set a goal & ambition to make it better for everyone.

Make Money with Prostitution - And How Much?

Make Money in prostitution on a legal basis

The majority who chooses to work in the prostition or adult business in general opts for the good money and / or payment it can generate. If girls have physical dates with clients the revenue is mostly done on a hourly basis. Girls who date multiple clients on one day can look at the hundreds made a day depending on looks, quality and how willing the invididual is. There's room for high class escort girls, mid and even normal females. All of these serve their own purpose where many clients can have various wishes and / or preferences with meeting or dating a girl. The Work as Escort is perhaps the most interesting part where girls get to meet clients on a outcall basis.

Escorting is safe in various ways, as the actual date happens outside or on a outcall basis, but also in a location others know where you are. Working in a brothel also offers this peace of mind where safety matters, in the case of emergency there's usually a red button able to signal available staff in the case of a event. What matters is is your safety no matter which profession you perform in the prostitution business. We will guide you through the best inside bits & bytes and how to make money from doing the actual work. A good girl has a plan, stick to it & leaves when it's time. This is the best approach to finish your carreer with the least strains or damage to be fair.

The amount of money you can make in this business depends on the profession you provide. Are you planning to take it easy and only invest a couple hours per week such as Webcam Model? Then your average income will be sufficient for most who seek a financial addition. Are you available as a 8 hour a day sexworker with intention to meet as much as clients possible on a daily basis? Then we're talking hundreds a day. Are you a good looking, and even suitable for high class escort or other form of modelling work? Then you could be making quite good money to sustain your lifestyle, fund your study or other things. The amount of money you make depends on the job you want to furfill.

It's Suitable for People Over 18 Years or Older

The age is still a tricky part - we firmly believe that working in the adult or prostitution scene should yield a minimum age of 21 and above, while some countries do allow for legal prostitution at the age of 18 years. The reason why we advocate 21 years is due the often still younger mindset some girls can have, and some clients could just walk right over a youngster new to this business. Being 18 does'nt mean that your suddenly fully grown & an adult capable of making the right choice. The age is set to change in various countries in the future to a minimum of 21 as we fully advocate this decision. If your 18 and your looking for work in this business, we have a safe & legal option for you.

Furthermore it's always recommended to make a good plan when you decide to work in prostitution. Having a boyfriend who is not aware of your "sidekicks" is'nt going to be helpfull at all. Jealousy or not accepting the business choice at all are likely going to be the cause of ending a relationship with someone. If you do this do it alone, make a plan, execute & stick to it, and get out of the business intime. Avoid doing drugs, drinking excessive alcohol or going beyond your limits. If your not sure of who you are dealing with, you can always walk away or take the time to reconsider it. Tomorrow is another day. Or get in touch with us if you have any burning questions.

You can have a fun time, and even experience things in life you have'nt seen before. Some people even wrote about it after years of experience in the prostitution business. There's lots of documentairy on programs such as Youtube and even we after 15 years are still amazed by the things we encounter in a positive way. Feel free to lurk around on our website, save it in your favourites to check back in a later time when we have published updates. You can apply for work using our website, as our menu covers lot of different aspects in the adult business. Depending on your location, we are not sure if you are eligible for certain jobs or professions. We assure you privacy.

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You'll find in depth info from any aspect of the business as never seen before. From the good aspects up the bad one's - including the mental or physical that come with working in the adult business in general. We have years of experience ourself and provide you all you need to know.

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We offer as much as possible information based in any category in the prostitution business. This covers from working at home as a webcam model up to masseuse, a female adult moviestar & much more. We cover all we can on our website for our visitors to clearly understand the business.

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Report Illegal or Abusive Activity

We are all open for a voluntary business & free will of females who work in the business. However if you believe illegal activity takes place or girls are forced, financially exploited, please use legal instances to report (anonymously) what you see. Otherwise see Report Illegal Prostitution.